Settlement Agents Perth - We are a Licensed Residential Settlement Agency, specialising in real estate settlements and titles office procedures.

Our experience working with clients in both the Perth Metropolitan area and the South West Region ensure we have a vast knowledge of both residential and commercial settlements within Western Australia.

Whether you’re thinking about buying, selling or investing in property we will ensure your settlement is as easy and hassle free as possible. Our settlements agents Perth will work tirelessly to ensure your settlement is done professionally and efficiently.

At Tenant Settlements, caring for our clients is what we do best! We always go the extra mile to make sure you receive five-star conveyance service. But don’t just take our word for it; let us show you why our clients keep coming back to get the Tenant Settlement difference.

Real Estate Settlements

Buying or selling your home or commercial property? We make the settlement process easy and keep you notified along the way.

Related Party Transfers

When you buy or sell a property to a related party, such as a family member, we can provide a Related Party Transfer.

Private Sales

We can assist you in writing up an offer and acceptance, add special conditions, and assist you to take your private sale every step to settlement.

Transmission Applications

A Transmission Application can transfer the deceased’s share of the property to the beneficiaries.

Deceased Estates

A Deceased Estates will transfer the deceased’s share of the property to the remaining joint tenant if a joint tenant has passed away.

Separation Transfers

When a relationship comes to an end a Separation Transfer will transfer the property into the names agreed to in the separation agreement.

Change of Title

With a change of name, due to marriage, divorce, or via deed poll – we can assist in updating the details on your Certificate of Title.

Subdivision Applications

Subdivided a property? We will work with your surveyor to lodge the application for new titles.

Marriage/De Facto Transfers

We can assist you with adding a spouse or de facto onto the title, a Marriage/De Facto Transfer can be carried out, usually without incurring stamp duty.

One of our experienced  settlement agent Perth can help you today.

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